Why NexusMax?

NexusMax is the only No-Code AI Service in the market that enables Business First AI by solving the top-of-the-funnel AI problem in a collaborative way across the enterprise:

  1. Enables Business Users (analysts, product managers, business intelligence) to do self-service AI, right from the tools of their business (Excel, PowerBI, for now). This enables business people to only push AI opportunities down the funnel that have high potential, and de-weed the rest.
  2. Enables Business PowerUsers (BizOps, BI, etc.,) to work on AI problems from a self service visual canvas collaboratively with Business Users; they can create models that can be used by Business Users and also enhance models created by Business Users in #1. The output of their work is Production-quality Python code. Ensures the ideas with the best milage to go down the funnel to data scientists.
  3. Enables Data Scientists to collaborate with Business PowerUsers by working in the tools of their business – Python in Jupyter notebooks on Apache Spark
  4. Enables ML-Engineers and MLOps engineers to collaborate with Data Scientists and Data Engineers through Data Catalogs, Model Catalogs, Prediction Catalogs, Job Catalogs…and deploy models via Docker to any of the top-3 public clouds
  5. Works within your own tenant on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and, on your private cloud.