No-Code AI from Within Excel

Validate Business Ideas, Train ML Models, and Get Predictions, Entirely from Within Excel

Business Analysts want To Deliver Bigger Impact with AI/ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are transforming how data analysis is done. Product Managers and Business Analysts want to leverage AI/ML to get deeper and more actionable insights from their data. They want to formulate business hypotheses and validate them using AI/ML. They want to reduce the time it takes to go from idea to impact, using AI/ML. Ideally, they want to solve business problems, not learn AI/ML; they want to do AI/ML from within the current tools of their business – Excel, PowerBI, etc., – without having to become Data Scientists to do that!

The Learning Curve for AI/ML is Steep and Complex

Today Product Managers and Business Analysts are handicapped in using AI/ML because they have to essentially become Data Scientists to do that, which is no mean feat. In order to make AI/ML useful and usable today for Business Analysts and Product Managers, a Data Scientist has to work with fragmented & specialized tools for each stage of AI/ML, have proficiency in data analysis, programming languages like Python/R/Scala, programming environments like Jupyter/VisualStudioCode, and learn specialized toolkits like SciKitLearn/Pandas/PySpark and, have to work with MLOps engineers and MLEngineers.

The Solution is NEXUSMAX No-Code AI from Within Microsoft Excel

NexusMax No-Code AI for Excel is the simple solution to enable Business Analysts and Product Managers formulate and assess business ideas with AI, right from within Excel. Analysts know their business and they know Excel. NexusMax adds AI into the mix seamlessly, so that they can formulate/iterate/evaluate business ideas and their impact, without becoming an expert in AI/ML. NexusMax is the fastest way to build, deploy and use ML models from Excel.

Once Product Managers and Business Analysts create models and test them, power users can use NexusMax For Web to further refine those models, which can in turn be invoked from Excel. When ultimate refinement of models are needed, NexusMax can produce production quality Python code within Jupyter notebooks, that can be leveraged by Data Scientists for production.

Microsoft Excel Add-In

Invoke Machine Learning models and get prediction from NexusMax Platform entirely in Excel. With 1-click, users can feed data to ML services deployed in the NexusMax Platform and NexusMax will train an optimal ML model by leveraging its Auto FE and Auto ML. With 1-click, you can access all the ML models deployed in NexusMax platform (developed either by you or your collegues who can be analysts or data scientists) from within Excel, so that you can easily test your business idea with any of the models deployed in NexusMax. You can do all this without having to be an AI/ML expert.

What is even more impressive is that you can share your Excel workbook with any of your colleagues, and they can benefit from the AI/ML powered models you have developed. So, it is not necessary for everyone in the BI or Analysts or Product Management department to become proficient in NexusMax either; you can start with just one person learning how to do AI/ML infused models, and everyone in the department can benefit from that work. Your departments can crawl-walk-run with NexusMax No-Code AI.

Let’s Get Started

NexusMax Excel Add-in can only be used if your company/department has already have acquired NexusMax platform. You can visit Azure Marketplace or email us at to get more information.

Once you have the Platform installed, follow NexusMax Excel Add-in Instructions to get started.