No-Code AI Service for Analysts and Product Managers

Simple & Easy By Design

Simple, intuitive interface that is easy to use.

Analyst focused experience

Analysts don’t care much about technology, so we abstracted the ML & AI technology completely. What is left is a simple and intuitive interface focused to solve the business problem.

Visualize Features

Auto Feature Engineering

If you just want NexusMax to do its magic and prepare a list of features, then use this option.

Manual Feature Engineering 

If you want to be in the driver’s seat and create new features, change sampling size and much more, this is your option.

Visualize Model Results

Model Metrics on a dashboard

All AI model metrics in one place, visualized graphically for easier understanding.

Retrain AI Models easily

Not happy with the results, with a click of a button you can change sampling and retrain the AI models.

Deploy & Manage Models Easily

Model Deployment

Single click ML model deployment, support for Dev, Staging & Production environments.

Model Management

View, edit, comment, and delete ML Models on a single dashboard across all environments.

No Cliff Experience

Customize your experience and integrate with the largest network of coders.

Customization With Code 

NexusMax generates python code for all work done in the UI. Because, we don’t believe you should stop after creating workflows.

Work with data scientists to help with customization.

GitHub Integration 

Integrated with Github to enable versioning, sharing & collaboration.