Solutions - Healthcare: Hospitals

Eliminate dead-spots, reduce hot-spots in patient pathways through the hospital, and increase patient satisfaction and staff efficiency while keeping costs low.

Healthcare professionals at hospitals spend the majority of their time protocoling, analyzing images, and generating reports. Artificial intelligence cuts down on the time it takes physicians to perform these activities and improves accuracy. NexusMax helps hospitals integrate software and machine learning so physicians can perform scans, analyze images, and submit reports with a unified solution.

Medical imaging is used across all healthcare specialties, and a majority of a radiologist’s time is spent analyzing images. AI aids medical professionals in the detection, segmentation, and classification of lesions on images using deep learning. This use of technology decreases the chances of human error, and helps radiologists examine their back logged images in less time.

The large amount of data collected by healthcare professionals provides another opportunity for hospitals to capitalize on machine learning technology. Patient diagnosis is quicker and more accurate with the use of electronic medical records and AI. Unstructured and structured data from physician’s notes, medical histories, and past medical images is analyzed by advanced machine learning algorithms to help make more informed decisions when it comes to a patient’s healthcare strategy. This cuts down on the time it takes to reach a diagnosis by more accurately prescribing lab tests and images needed to arrive at a decision.

Many healthcare facilities have switched over to electronic records, but there is not one unified system used by every hospital, clinic, and specialist. AI makes it easier for physicians to examine data from all different sources and get more insights into a patient’s overall medical history and condition. For radiologists, this is especially important for early disease detection. Patients often have various tests throughout their lifetime. Being able to analyze all available images is crucial for detecting small changes that could potentially catch cancer at the earliest stage.

Machine learning is a valuable tool for hospitals. AI systems significantly improve workflow and patient diagnosis. NexusMax helps determine which machine learning systems are best for your hospital and works with you to integrate these solutions.