Artificial Intelligence of the Future

Summary: Artificial intelligence has come a long way since science took its first steps in that direction in the late 20th century. What will the future of AI look like? How will it affect our everyday reality? These are some of the answers that we will try to answer in this article.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday Lives

Do we have real artificial intelligence today? The answer to this question will vary depending on who you ask. Some will say that we only have computers capable of fooling us into thinking that they possess true artificial intelligence, whereas others will claim that we already have hints of it.

Artificial intelligence can be classified into two main groups: Weak AI and Strong AI. Weak AI is an artificial intelligence system that is created and trained to perform one particular task. For example, Apple’s Siri is a good example of a weak AI. On the other hand, strong AI is a system that has developed cognitive abilities, capable of solving problems it has never encountered before.

Weak AI is already a part of our everyday lives. However, when will the strong AI become so as well? Let’s take a closer look at the infographic created by TechJury and named The AI Revolution. It will help us answer this question.

Artificial Intelligence of the Future

We can already see examples of artificial intelligence in many aspects of our lives. It makes our lives easier and helps us deal with everyday problems much more effectively. Some of the areas where artificial intelligence has had the biggest impact include:

Autonomous Transportation

We can expect a lot to happen and change in these areas in the near and the far future as well. For example, we already have autonomous transportation, but there is still some work remaining to be done to make it fully autonomous. According to Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, we are just a couple of years away from the onset of cars that can drive us from point A to point B without us ever touching the wheel.

Space Exploration

Elon Musk is also at the forefront of space exploration, where AI will also be used more in the future. A decent number of weak AI rovers have already been deployed to different planets and parts of the known universe. But, in the future, artificial intelligence will help us find out more about the unexplored parts of oceans and space. Soon, we might even be able to send strong AI robots to far away planets similar to Earth in search of alien life.

Robotic Companions

A decade or two ago, Japan made the first robotic pet in the world. It was a toy dog that could bark, walk, wave its tail, and show a semblance of cognitive reasoning. They have made big steps since then, which is why today we have robotic companions that resemble pets and humans and are able to feel and understand emotions. Thanks to these advancements, in the future, we might be able to eliminate loneliness and help everyone find the perfect companion.

Climate Change

One thing is becoming clearer and clearer to everyone on our planet: humans are not able to deal with the problem of climate change on our own. If we don’t get some help soon, global warming might get the best of us in less than a century. Luckily, artificial intelligence will probably be able to help us find a solution to this burning issue. It can analyze large amounts of data and show us which steps to take to make a meaningful change for the better.

Creating Cyborgs

By definition, cyborgs are a combination of human and robotic characteristics. Anyone who has a pacemaker or an artificial limb is already some form of a cyborg. However, cyborgs of the future will be much more developed than we can imagine today. It is expected that artificial intelligence will help us surpass our cognitive and physical limitations and enter another stage of human evolution.


As you can see, the future of artificial intelligence looks bright. All of the examples that we mentioned in this article are based on technology we have today and what we are able to imagine about tomorrow. However, the real future is probably incomprehensible to the human brain right now. One thing is certain though, our lives will be much different and much easier than today, and our planet will be a better place to inhabit.

For more detailed information on AI trends, impact, future potential please see the AI infographic here.

Courtesy: TechJury

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