Data Modeling

Effective Data Modeling is the Difference between an effective strategy and a flawed one.

Why should non-analysts understand data modeling?

If you’re not a data analyst, the process of data modeling can sound as mysterious as pulling some data, then putting it into a black box, and magically getting intelligent results.  Numtra does a little more than that.

What is Data Modeling?

A data model is a snapshot of your company in real-time.  It’s a powerful way to inform your decision-making, but it is a lot to wrap your head around if you’re not the one doing it every day.  Numtra will take your data and suggest better ways to market yourself and build your business strategy and one of the first steps will be to build effective data models.

To be competitive in an age of global competition, businesses gather an astounding amount of data.

These data points can quickly become an overwhelming amount of noise. One of the most effective tools at your disposal is Numtra’s Data Modeling service. We take the warehouse of information you have and shape it into a topographical visual that you can use to intuit vital facts about your business and predict future effects.  Even better, Numtra has an existing infrastructure to model data, saving on costs for your business.

Data models literally translate between systems and people, they are implementation specific. They are a set of logical and physical structures built using consistent language. Businesses and IT organizations use them as a conceptual representation to map their business processes, data landscapes, express database objects, and communicate business requirements.  There is a superabundance of data available to businesses at any given time, but it is meaningless unless you have a business context and structure with which to interpret it.

Data modeling allows businesses to visualize flow and support the development of business strategies.  Modeling makes your business work faster and more efficient.

Numtra will work with your business’ data gathering programs to ingest, manipulate, feed the data into a model, and generate snapshots and predictive reports on aspects like:

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