Data Tagging

Metadata management and Effective Data Tagging is essential to any Data Scientist.

How much of your website is appearing at the top of Google?

Data Tagging is a flag on your website that catches Google’s eye, in an entirely good way.

Numtra focuses on the accuracy and quality of the data collected for your business.  We control these by inserting tags into code that allow for better recognition by search engines like Google.  That provides a more prominent presence on search pages.  Want to be the first search result for the term “Key Largo SCUBA Rentals”?  Those are three very standalone identifiers that Numtra can tag.  We use metadata sourced from multiple data sources to help determine and create your business’ identity and how it resonates when browsing or searching.

Search engines like Google use a complex algorithm to crawl your website and index the text-based and picture information it finds.  This includes keywords found either on the page or through data tagging.  If it thinks your site will be a good result the next time someone searches that keyword, your website page will be the first result that person sees.

Companies with an effective online presence have a large CTR, or click-through-rate. This is because they have keywords and terms embedded in their websites that directly speak to their core competencies, and they have a lot of them.  The best way to get to the top is by making sure that people know you’re the best SCUBA rental company in Key Largo…and they know it even if they’re searching from the deepest recesses of the Gobi Desert.  Is this an unlikely scenario?  Of course it is.  At least you get the point.  Numtra has the skill set to get your website to that point.  From there, you can guarantee more customer conversions.

That’s how we optimize your company’s online presence.  On the other side, Numtra’s data modeling services can be used both internally and externally to search for data tags that we’ve trained them to find.  A common use for these data models is for images.  You might have an image of a car, and you want to train your model to predict it’s a car.  With some programming from Numtra, we will go through a series of images and manually train the model to figure out that this is an image of a car.  From there a business can use this model and others to sift through data at a rapid speed.  We can tailor these image recognition models from there to suit your business’ needs.  You can imagine how effective this tool is.

Does your website have the best data tags?

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